Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about how Bookabus works? Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions of our customers. Interested in booking a bus? Request a free quote via the website and save up to 40% on your bus rental costs.

Booking and payment

Can I still make changes to the itinerary after making reservation?

Yes that’s definitely possible. Whether it’s a few people more who will join your trip or you prefer to leave a little earlier or later, we can help with this. Small changes to the itinerary are often free of charge. Bigger changes like extending your bus rental with a few hours or another day is possible but might incur additional costs.

How and when can I pay?

After completing the booking you will receive an invoice. You can pay online via bank transfer, credit card, or Paypal. Please note, that a 3,4% service fee is applied for the last two options. We therefore recommend that you make a bank transfer. 

Payment must be made at least 2 weeks prior to departure unless you make a last-minute booking and the due date is set as soon as possible, but no later than the day before departure. It is not possible to pay the invoice in cash to the driver. The due date will be clearly stated on the invoice. 

How can I book a bus or coach?

You can book a coach easily through Bookabus. First step is to finalise the quote request. Within 1 business day our Bookabus customer service agent will send you a custom quote for your trip. If you like the quote you can easily book online to secure the price. You will be sent an invoice that you can pay via your preferred method of payment. No worry, you can book and pay at a later stage.

When should I make a booking?

There’s no specific guideline for that. We sent the best price based on different prices from local bus companies. There will be no bus reserved until you have booked, so the longer you wait, the higher the chance that the price will not be available anymore.

Can I also cancel my booking?

Yes you can always cancel your booking. We would advise to check if the trip can be moved to a different date, as this can often be done for free or for a small price difference. If you do prefer to cancel, you can do so via your booking page. It will clearly state the cancelation fees, which are calculated on how long in advance you cancel. If you cancel the day before your trip these costs are higher than if you cancel 3 weeks in advance. The cancellation policy is clearly stated on your quote and booking page, as well as in the Terms & Conditions which need to be read and agreed with prior to placing a Reservation.

About Bookabus

How does Bookabus work?

Very simple! You can request a quote by filling in the relevant information about your itinerary via the form on our website. It’s free and no strings attached. Your quote request will be send to several bus companies in the area of your departure and within 24 hours you will get a custom quote with the right bus for the bus price. You can decide if and when you want to book the bus.

Do you have your own buses?

Bookabus works with a network of more than 800 high-quality and reliable bus companies across the country. Therefore we can always get an affordable price, no matter what's your departure location. Because Bookabus does sometimes hundreds of bus trips per bus company we can get better prices and that advantage you notice in your price.

Why should I book via Bookabus?

Choose Bookabus if you want affordable bus travel without the hassle. Last year we have successfully arranged transportation for more than 100.000 people for schools, businesses, sports teams, conferences and tour operators - big and small. In general our customers rate us a 9.2 out of 10 so don’t take our word for this but read some of the reviews of our customers here.

I would rather talk to someone about my trip, is that possible?

Yes of course! Our customer service team will be happy to help with any questions regarding your trip before, during and after your trip.

How does Bookabus guarantee quality and safety requirements of the bus and driver?

At Bookabus we value safety and quality and therefore only work with coach companies that meet our safety and quality standards. Furthermore our customers rate their Bookabus experience but also the quality and service of the bus and driver. We will stop working with bus companies that consistently get low ratings.

Common questions

I requested quotes for my trip, what do I do now?

You don’t need to do anything. We will take care of it. Your quote will be sent out to certified bus companies in the area of your departure. Within 1 day you will get the best price quote sent by email. You can decide on your own schedule if and when you want to book.

About the price quote

I just want a quick price indication, what do I do?

You can fill-in your itinerary above. For simpler itineraries you can get a direct price indication or even a direct quote to book. After that you can fill in your information and request quotes or book directly via our website.

I requested a quote but now want to change my itinerary?

Sure, no problem! Itineraries often change when traveling with a larger group. Via the link to your personal quote you can change your details and request a new offer. Otherwise, simply contact your personal Bookabus travel advisor and we will ensure that your change requests are implemented immediately.

What is included in the quoted price?

All the quotes are all-inclusive and include the bus with driver, local value added tax (VAT), other taxes, tolls and fees, unless otherwise stated on your quote. Therefore you should have no surprises after your trip. Simple and straight-forward, no hidden costs! We want to be completely transparent about the costs of your trip.

How can I make a booking if I like the price quote?

You can book a bus via Bookabus. Within 1 business day your customer service agent will send you a custom quote for your trip. If you like the quote you can easily book online to secure the price. You will be sent an invoice that you can pay via your preferred method of payment. No worry, you can book and pay at a later stage.

Is requesting quotes free and non-committal?

Yes, requesting a quote is completely free and the quotes are non-committal.

During your trip

Is it possible to arrange catering on board?

Yes, that is possible with certain coach companies so please highlight this in the request of your quote and we will take care about it.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Usually, you can also bring your own food and drinks without any additional charges. However, please indicate this in your request, so we can double check it with the bus company. Please note that all drinks should be in plastic bottles or cans, no glass is allowed. Afterwards please make sure that the bus is left in a clean condition again and that no cans or any other materials remain in the bus.

Is it allowed to smoke in the bus?

No, smoking is not allowed.

When and where will the bus pick us up?

Please indicate a specific address when you finalise your reservation so the driver knows exactly where to pick-up you up (include please the house number of the street). The driver will aim to be at your pickup location 10 minutes before departure to allow time for boarding your luggage and the passengers.

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